The Original Custommade shoes System

Concerning Options and Repair

Service Options

As we explained in each step, while we provide a variety of options, we provide options in addition to these.For example, we can as shown in the picture make it so that the outer seam is not shown – a hidden channel. It is also possible to change the color or shape of the fine leather (welt). We can respond to the demands of the hard user who is not satisfied with the basic system. Furthermore, it is possible to customize by a system of developing an original shoe shape (last) and separately ordering from a store which handles our products. It is also possible to build an individual last for the customer. (All these options necessitate consultation as they involve extra cost and additional delivery time.) For those who are of the school of though who value the originality of the handling store, we recommend again that you construct a customized system with the handling store.

  • Hidden channel and peg hammer & hammered heel
  • The finished heel sole of the basic system
  • Welt shape and color

Concerning Repair

One of the special features of the Goodyear system is that because the fine leather (welt) is sewn in, as long as there are no holes in the inside sole, repairs can be done any number of times. Since you have gone to the trouble to obtain the greatest comfort possible, we would hope that you take great and loving care.

  • customer’s shoe in which a complete hole has been made. The last is re-inserted, and it is broken down with care from the heel.
  • The sole is stripped off, and next the fine leather (welt) is taken off. In all frankness, this is a more time-consuming job than beginning again from scratch.
  • We again assemble from the point of sewing the fine leather. It is fully possible that the whole sole (sole replacement) may take place 3 or 4 times.

How to Care of Your Shoes

Shoe care first, then repair. It is well-known that the secret to making your shoes last a long time is to change pairs often. This is a basic principle. More sweat is produced in a day than most can imagine. Giving your shoes a rest gives the sweat a chance to disperse. And then there is care. First of all, remove dirt from the whole shoe by brushing it off well, and then remove filth from the edges (with a toothbrush). Apply cream to the whole body (using a milky base, preferable a delicate type, and being careful not to apply too much being the point). Wipe off with a soft cloth (this preserves the life of the leather, and prevents it from cracking). If you want sheen, you can apply a wax-based cream (just a little) and then polish after adding 2 or 3 drops of water. This will ensure that the shoes you love will really shine, and will make them really give an atmosphere that you will never want to relinquish.