The Original Custommade shoes System

Choosing your Design

Step1.Choosing the Toe

The basic system is to choose between 2 forms. One is the round toe (ES) which easily suits any occasion. The other is the more stylish and trendy chisel toe (CS).

  • Round Toe (Egg Toe ES Series)
  • Chisel Toe (CS Series)

Step2.Choosing the Material(Upper Leather)

Leather Swatch Variations

The basic system is composed of abundant variations, imagined in a variety of settings, of carefully selected leather tanned domestically. The concept is that it be used lovingly for a long time. From calf to kip, smooth, nap raising, oil, embossed. We have also assembled a large range of colors. It is possible to enjoy the conception of different parts composed of different materials.

Option for Choosing Material

Materials other than those in the basic system can be used. Special materials like those shown below as well as those made by famous tanners of Europe and America can be chosen upon consultation. (Delivery and price are separate necessitating consultation.)
It is also possible to customize models by ordering from stores where our products are handled.

  • CrocodileCrocodile
  • PythonPython
  • CordovanCordovan

Step3.Choosing the Design

The basic system is to choose from our ES Product Samples or CS Product Samples. Be careful as there are different designs for Round (ES) and Chisel (CS). Imagine the occasion – formal, dress-up, dress-down, casual up, casual down, and enjoy thinking about the appropriateness of the material. The item names have been named after various persons who have participated in their manufacture.

Options for Choosing DEsign

We respond to desires for partial changes and for designs not in our samples. (Delivery and price are separate necessitating consultation.) It is also possible to customize models by ordering from stores where our products are handled. In these cases, we will name item name after the orderer.

Step4.Size Fitting

Size Variations
All sizes displayed are both for Round and Chisel
Length\Width D Ball E Ball EE Ball EEE Ball EEEE Ball F Ball
22.0 213.0 219.0 225.0 231.0 237.0 243.0
22.5 216.5 222.5 228.5 234.5 240.5 246.5
23.0 220.0 226.0 232.0 238.0 244.0 250.0
23.5 223.5 229.5 235.5 241.5 247.5 253.5
24.0 227.0 233.0 239.0 245.0 251.0 257.0
24.5 230.5 236.5 242.5 248.5 254.5 260.5
25.0 234.0 240.0 246.0 252.0 258.0 264.0
25.5 237.5 243.5 249.5 255.5 261.5 267.5
26.0 241.0 247.0 253.0 259.0 265.0 271.0
26.5 244.5 250.5 256.5 262.5 268.5 274.5
27.0 248.0 254.0 260.0 266.0 272.0 278.0
27.5 251.5 257.5 263.5 269.5 275.5 281.5
28.0 255.0 261.0 267.0 273.0 279.0 285.0
28.5 258.5 264.5 270.5 276.5 282.5 288.5
29.0 262.0 268.0 274.0 280.0 286.0 292.0
29.5 265.5 271.5 277.5 283.5 289.5 295.5
30.0 269.0 275.0 281.0 287.0 293.0 299.0
Proceduce of Size Fitting
  • First of all, we get a firm grip of the customer’s precise foot length. We recommend the use of a measuring apparatus. Extending the toes greatly gives us the greatest numerical value for foot length.
  • Next, we choose 2 to 4 pairs of gauge shoes of greater length than the customer’s and the closest to their foot width, and actually have them try them on. Absolutely do not make an easy-going decision at this time. Rather, we recommend that both a little tight and a little loose ones be tried. It’s important that the customer gets a feel for both.
  • The gauge shoe that fits the customer best to a tee is tried on both feet. By walking around the shop in them for a few minutes, one can check the feeling to the finest details.

    *Although there are almost no problems with designs with laces, we recommend that customers who choose a slip-on type other than monk strap try a width one size smaller.

  • If there is a part that hits the tips of the toes, we place an instep. We check whether it should be a 1mm or 2mm placed instep.
  • We enter the customer’s left and right length and width, and the points for the placed instep in the order form.

Step5.Selecting the Sole and Heel

Both the fashion element and the function element are very important when selecting a sole. There are 4 variations in the basic system. We recommend a real leather sole. It is of course difficult for it to get moldy, and surpasses all others in the feeling it gives conforming to the feet as it is worn in. Also, the resonance of the sound it makes as you walk produces an emotion impossible to put into words. However, it has its faults such as being easy to shrink and easy to slip after being worn in the rain. Considering these points, we prepare difficult to shrink and slip heels made by Italian Vibram company. In addition, we prepare dienite pattern soles made from composite rubber that are easy to match to dress, as well as the pre-eminently strong against slipping rice-bran ceramic inclusive (patent pending) original sole, and the crepe sole with the flavor of natural rubber. The various heels are made of the same materials.

  • Crepe Sole
  • Original RB Ceramic Sole
  • Composite Rubber Sole
  • 4.5mm Leather Sole
  • Wedge-shape Rubber Insert(Lift)(op)
  • Piled-up(Basic System)
Proceduce of Size Fitting

For example, one may want to increase the thickness of the sole. Or you may want to have a heel like the one shown in the picture. (Delivery and price are separate necessitating consultation.) It is also possible to customize models by ordering from stores where our products are handled.

Step6.Coosing a Brand for the Insole

There are 3 choices. Please refer to the pictures below.
he basic system is the brand “謹製誂靴/和創良靴”which means in English “Respectfully made ordered shoes/ Japanese made good shoes”. Another choice is to get the house brand of the store where they are handled. In this case, a separate cost becomes necessary for the branding. Moreover, the customer’s name can be embroidered in either Chinese characters, initials, or roman letters. (This option involves extra cost).

  • 謹製誂靴/和創良靴謹製誂靴・和創良靴
  • House BrandHouse Brand
  • Personal NamePersonal Name

Step7.Choosing the Lining Leather

There are 3 colors to choose from in the basic system.

  • Naturally Little Fading (Beige)/ Recommended for Casual
  • Easy to Match Brown/ Recommended for Dress & Casual
  • Stylish Dark Gray / Recommended for Formal & Dress
Lining Leather Variations

Step8.choosing the Laces

Shoelace variations

In the basic system, length and color are determined by the design and leather material. You can choose between low pulling round laces or flat laces. Color can be chosen as an option for no extra cost. Please consult us if you have a preference for a certain material.

Step9.Choose a Stitch


In the basic system, color matching is determined in regard to the upper sewing machine stitch. The outer thread is chosen from black, dark-brown, light-brown, or white depending on which color is closest. If as is the case in the picture, you choose white thread to match dark leather, please advise. (Option for no extra cost).

Regarding Accessories A vailable at Separate Cost

The basic system is to provide a plain black box. (Refer to picture below)
It is also possible to customize when ordering from a store. (In this case, there is a lot, so please consult us.) Since a great deal of effort goes into this pair of shoes, we recommend you also get a shoe keeper and shoes bag. (Delivery and price are separate necessitating consultation.)

  • Plain BoxPlain Box
  • Shoe KeeperShoe Keeper
  • Shoes BagShoes Bag