No Better Material than Leather, No Better Machine than Matured techniques.

We, Miyagikogyo Co., Ltd. has been established in 1941 and particular about the domestic production.
Making shoes by leather has originally been an part of traditional Western culture.
Our philosophy “No Better Material than Leather, No Better Machine than Matured techniques.”
is from BARKER, one of the famous and historic shoemaker in England.
With this philosophy, also with hard work, endless inquiries and tastes as Japanese, we strongly believe that we are able to produce better leather shoes than Western shoemakers.


In our morning meetings, we always chant our slogan and there is a sentence “ We are going to be the best shoemaker in the world.”
We do not believe its going to be true, if only we chant the slogan everyday.
We know we have to be more specific and make every steps to get close to the best shoemaker in the world.

So, what do you think is the best shoemaker in the world supposed to be?
Is it the capability of factory? Qualities? Or the brand names?
We, Miyagikogyo believe it is to fill the satisfaction of every customers.
We do not think that the shoes are ornaments.
We do think that the shoes have to be wore and they make us possible to protect our feet, and also enjoy as fashion tools.

At the same time, we have to tell our customers that the leather shoes are able to be repaired and have good durability, if we treat them properly.
We think we will have to be a “ preacher of leather shoe religion”, in other words.


In 1991, at the time of 50th company anniversary, we put up a new purpose「和創良靴」(wa-sou-ryou-ka).
「和」(wa) means both Japan and all workers working together.
Producing good shoes with this「和」is the concept to achieve our goal which is to be the best shoemaker in the world.

Many products made in Japan have followed the goods from abroad and been improved.
Now they got better and loved all around the world.
Someday in the future, we do believe that the leather shoes from Japan will be the best in the world.

Even the time goes by, we promise to make every effort to produce “the real” leather shoes which get to our customer’s heart and to be loved for a long time, with our motto “DEVELOP AND CHALLENGE”.


Name Miyagi Kogyo Corporation
Industry Leather Shoe Manufacturing
Executive Chairman of the Board, Kazuyoshi Takahashi
President and CEO, Hiroshi Arai
Headquarters/ Factory 2200 Miyauchi, Nanyo Yamagata, Japan 992-0472
TEL 81-0238-47-3155/ FAX 81-0238-45-3015 : 3365
Establishment Established September, 1941
Institutionalized September 21st, 1952
Capital Stock 70,000,000 yen
No. of Employees 80
Output 30,000 pairs a year (Equipment Capacity 800 pairs/ daily)
Names of Manufactured Goods Gentlemen’s Leather Shoes, Men’s and Ladies’Walking Shoes, Golf Shoes, Goodyear Welted System, McKay System, Stitch-down System, Cemented System Machine-made shoes, Hand-sown moccasin manufacturing method
Main Clients Regal Corporation, Abahouse International, Marubeni, Toho Lamac, Bridgestone Sports, Tomoe Shoji, Moonstar, Lifegear Corporation,Tsuruya Shoe Store, others (Not in order)


1941 Miyagi Kogyo Corporation was founded in Higashiyonban Town, Sendai City, on a capital of 195,000 yen.
1952 Miyagi Kogyo Corporation was established. On a capital of 8,000,000 yen, the old Goodyear equipment was replaced gradually with new machinery.
1967 Succeeded in merchandising the first gentleman’s shoes made in Japan by the injection molding system, originally sold as IP shoes.
1969 Technical cooperation is conducted with A. BARKER & SONS LIMITED of England, and received the right to manufacture and sell BARKER SHOES in Japan.
1988 Showroom and shop “Shoes House Tuff” is established.
1991 Celebrated the 50th anniversary of our establishment.
1992 Multi-size system traditional shoes BASIC35 is developed and sold.
1997 SST manufacturing system made comfort walking shoes ST.Relax is developed and sold.
2004 Respectfully made to order shoes, original custom-made shoe system is begun, accomplished with an originality of high degree, comprehensive wear and satisfying to own.